fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Tonight's Amazing Race

You wouldn't know it from what they aired, but there are no direct flights from La Paz to Auckland. Or to much of anywhere, actually. They have to have flown via Santiago, Chile. Not that it makes any difference since everyone was on the same flight, but it might be helpful to the travel geeks.

Not having an idea of how to change a tire? That seems kinda weird. Not actually being able to do it I can buy. But it looked like Aja and Ty didn't even open the trunk to look for a jack and a spare tire.

I liked the tattoo matching challenge, but that's partly because I think Maori tattoos are interesting. There's a sort of revival of them, by the way, and they're considered a big aspect of cultural pride. Again, you wouldn't know it from what they showed, but Maori women also get tattooed. It's not just a warrior thing.

The whole "find the gnome" thing, however, annoyed me. But anything having to do with travelocity gnomes annoys me.

The blo-karts look like fun. The idea of stomping on kiwi fruit and rocks, not so much. But I was surprised so many teams gave up and switched challenges. That's got to cost time. I have to admit that Kelly and Christie went up in my estimation by commenting on how the kiwis were exfoliating their legs. I still think that Toni and Dallas are the least annoying of the remaining teams.

As for the blonds departing, I'm only surprised they lasted as long as they did.
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