fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Trader Joe's Wonton Chips

Note to self: Trader Joe's Wonton Chips do not fall into the category of "things to keep on hand in case there is a serious storm and you can't get out of the house for weeks."

Aside from their complete lack of nutritional merit, it is way too easy to keep eating just a few more, just a few more, just a few more.

And, yes, I am still doing Holidailies entries over on Areas of Unrest. Today's had to do with both the real version of my group's holiday luncheon and the dream I had about it. The dream was particularly distanced from reality as I have never seen any of the following at Tyson's Corner: 1) a Vietnamese market, 2) a giant cobra, and 3) a tiger.
Tags: food pornography

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