fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Speaking Sportuguese

I have, of course, been going around in complete zombie mode all day since I stayed up to the bitter end of the Red Sox game last night. Well, it wasn't all that bitter an end, since the Angels couldn't manage the suicide squeeze. Seeing a professional ball player miss a bunt is definitely odd.

I get a few nights to recuperate before the next round of post-season sleep deprivation.

In other sports related news, I got an advertising circular in the mail today from Papa John's trumpeting their "2008 Redskins Limited Edition Box." You get a large pizza with up to 5 toppings for $15 and this special commemorative box. Now, admittedly I can't remember the last time I've ordered a pizza at home, but don't pizza boxes get a bit greasy and grubby inside? Maybe it's just because I have no interest at all in football, but I can't quite see this as a collector's item.
Tags: baseball, product mockery

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