fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

A Few Snippets

Metro Haiku Department:

Dear stationmaster
at Vienna, Why were there
no lights this morning?

I Should Learn Self Control Department:

Part of our organization's fundraising for the Combined Federal Campaign (government equivalent of United Way) involves a book sale. Putting a table of cheap books ($2 for paperbacks, $4 for hardcovers) down the hall from me is not a good thing. I have only bought one book so far (Caroline Alexander's book about The Bounty) but there are several potential temptations there.

I am also, by the way, an enabler and persuaded our resident horse fanatic that she had to try at least one Dick Francis novel.

Political Department:

Today is/was the last day for Virginians to register to vote. While my inclination is to say that voter registration should last until closer to election day, I admit that I will be very happy not to be assaulted by the numerous voter registration volunteers at both ends of my metro commute.

Of course, that inevitably means they will be replaced by candidates for local offices begging for votes. Hmmm, yes, voter registration should go up to about 24 hours before the election. (I have actually voted against a candidate for school board on the ground that his campaigners blocked my way into the station one morning.)
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