fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Amazing Race

I was reminded this week that one reason I enjoy this show is the opportunity to hear people mangle foreign languages even more than I do.

It does, however, help if people know which language they're not speaking. Saying "I don't speak Spanish" in Brazil just exposes your ignorance. (Most people there probably do understand some Spanish, but it's a Portuguese speaking country.) I am also mystified as to why so many people had trouble saying "Fortalezza," but I'm sure I've also committed internal spoonerisms when stressed.

As for other things this week:

1) I don't believe the airline changed planes because Tina whined to them and she just looked ridiculous for arguing with other racers about it. Ken must feel really contrite about his affair because he put up with way too much crap from her this week.

2) Terrence needs to be off the race and in therapy. Not that Sarah is a mental health poster child either.

3) The comic book geeks done good! Given that the Southern belles couldn't figure out how to get to the detour they wanted to do, I doubt they would have had the attention to detail to get it done quickly.

4) I had to get a good laugh out of Kelly and Christy saying "We will learn to read clues" and then falling behind because they didn't read the very next clue carefully enough to know to keep their taxi driver.

5) As for Anthony and Stephanie, I have to admit to a certain pleasure in seeing them eliminated after his snide comments about Brazil. In my experience, mechanics in the developing world are often quite remarkably skillful.

I'm hoping the next episode sends them to somewhere I've been as that always makes it more interesting to me. I am guessing they will be heading to Africa, but I could be wrong.
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