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Retail News

Had I remembered that I needed cash earlier in the day on Friday and gone to the branch of my bank I usually use, I might not have needed today's Post to tell me that Olsson's Books and Records has gone out of business. It's not really a surprise, as it was clear the end was coming when they had to shut down the Penn Quarter store. And the Crystal City store was never particularly good, though the Courthouse branch got much of my book buying money over the past few years. I think that leaves Politics and Prose as the only significant indie new book store left in the area. (It is, by the way, an excellent store, but not particularly convenient for me to get to.)

In brighter news, I had my first U.S. sighting of dragonfruit for sale today at Wegman's. I was tempted but I'm not going to pay over 8 bucks for one. Especially since I will be able to have my fill at under a buck each in December. I have, however, seen them at even higher prices. They were going for nearly a hundred dollars each in Tokyo!
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