fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

I Hate California

I don't actually hate California. But the Pacific time zone is going to kill me.

Aside from all of the times I have rushed to my office to a telecon that turned out to be 3 hours later because nobody bothered mentioning that the time was L.A. time, there is the problem of baseball.

The American League Division Series started tonight. My beloved Red Sox are playing the California Angels. (I refuse to call them by their absurd official name since, in any reasonable place, Anaheim would be in an entirely different state from Los Angeles.) They are playing in Anaheim. And the game time was apparently chosen for the convenience of West Coast television viewers, with the full knowledge that Sox fans are so dedicated that we will pay attention even though the games start after bedtime.

On top of which the Dodgers beat the Cubs, which is just wrong.
Tags: baseball, kvetching

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