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I had intended to wish folks a happy 5769 before Rosh Hashanah, but was running late. So here is a slightly belated l'shana tovah.

I have a couple of things I've clipped recently to pass along. One is from our local free weekly paper about a month ago and notes that our local police department won an award in a police vehicle design contest. It hadn't occurred to me that there was really much in the way of design for police cars. I suspect that most folks are like me and are trying to slow down to only 5 mph over the speed limit, not noticing the font of the police department logo.

The other item sitting on my desk was from this past Sunday's Washington Post magazine section. They had a piece that sort of had to do with the future of space travel. (Sort of, because it had as much to do with the personalities of the two people they were writing about. And golf.) Anyway, they had this lovely little tidbit about Burt Rutan's company, Scaled Composites, thanks to a manager there. "One reason for the esprit de corps, the manager theorized, is Scaled's metod for handling on-the-job complaints, namely, making workers express their beef by writing it down as haiku and presenting it to their manager."

It reminded me of the old days when Milo and I exchanged haikus with the weekly activity report. There was not usually a complaint involved, but just a bit of mutual creative silliness. My management in Washington is so staid, by comparison.

Speaking of work, taking two days off inevitably makes the rest of the week hectic. In addition, I have a couple of heinous administrative chores to finish.

I need to write my
performance review. Also
my monthly report.
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