fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

I Probably Should Show Up More Often

The necessary background here is that I have an office at my corporation's building, but I rarely go there. I spend my normal workdays at my customer's facility, where I also have an office.

Yesterday, the corporate CEO was giving her quarterly talk. This is transmitted to regional offices like ours, so I went over to watch. Afterward, I was showing my secretary some of my pictures from Madagascar, when a guy came over and started talking to her about something work related.

I knew that I had met this guy before but I could not place who he was. And, of course, I was way too embarrassed to admit that, so didn't say anything.

Which is probably a good thing. Today I realized who it was.

See, we have limited space and because most of us are rarely there we don't get offices to our lonesome. It's pretty pathetic when you don't recognize your officemate.
Tags: work

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