fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Another Parlor Game

Thanks to the aforementioned The World According to Bertie, I have a new parlor game to play.

Matthew (who is an art dealer) tells Angus (a painter) about Antonin Artaud (the French dramatist / critic who shares my birthday). Apparently, Artaud painted monochrome canvases and gave them clever names as a joke. The all white one was "Anaemic Virgins on their Way to their First Communion in a Snowstorm." An all red one was "Apoplectic Cardinals Picking Tomatoes by the Red Sea."

Matthew then has Angus try to come up with a few titles. For blue, he proposes "A Depressed Conservative at a Risque Film Convention" or "A Sailor at Sea, Swearing." My favorite was for green - "An Envious Conservationist Sitting on the Grass Reading Our Man in Havana."

What I've come up with so far is:
Yellow: Cowardly Canaries in a Field of Buttercups
Pink: Healthy Socialists Snipping Fabric at a Barbie Convention

Your turn.
Tags: puns

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