fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Home, Sweet Home

I got to IAD at about 6 this morning. More surprisingly, so did my bag. As usual, immigration and customs were very quick and, since I treated myself to a taxi versus public transit, I was home before 7 a.m. I showered, changed clothes, ran over to the post office to pick up my held mail, and then went to work.

Which mostly involved a staff meeting at my corporate office and a pizza party at my government office. The latter office provided two surprises. First, my colleagues had filled my office with balloons for my birthday. Less pleasantly, the help desk folks had taken my computer, which was allegedly causing "some problem on the network." No word on when they will bring it back. I did use somebody else's computer to look at email, but it is still annoying. They didn't even leave a note or send an email with a ticket number.
Tags: travel, work

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