fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Arrangements sorted

At least, sort of. I am flying to Morombe tomorrow morning and then heading down the coast to Salary and Ifaty. I will fly back to Tana on the 28th and then head east to the Ankanin'ny for a couple of days. I don't expect any internet access until I am back in Tana, It's been frustrating though Morondova hasn't been a bad place to hang out (vs. Belo, which was just depressing.) There is a nice beach (and good net access!)

I've learned a few interesting things about myself out of this, namely: 1) I should trust my instincts when I have reservations about a plan and 2) what I really need to keep myself happy is conversation in English. Bad roads, bad hotels, etc. are not an issue but not being able to whine about it to anybody is!

By the way, I ran into a couple of friends from the boat yesterday. They had also tried to go to the Fitimpoha and ran into another problem. Apparently, on certain days certain colors of clothing are fady (taboo). By the time they had changed their clothes, everybody had wandered off!
Tags: travel

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