fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Made it to Jo'burg

17+ hours on airplane. Auxiliary power was not working during layover in Dakar, making it hot and humid on the plane. (It was somewhat hot from IAD to DKR, so I suspect other air conditioning problems.) It was better on the leg from DKR to JNB.

I watched three movies. "An Inconvenient Truth" was more entertaining than I expected, but still polemic. (And some of Gore's personal bits really have nothing to do with anything but his own self-aggrandizement.) "Definitely, Maybe" was standard, predictable romantic comedy fare. The best of the three was "Under the Same Moon," though it takes what will obviously be a controversial position re: illegal immigration. I definitely have to find a copy of the song, "Superman is Illegal."

I successfully dodged the aggressive porters at the airport and made it across the street to the Intercontinental Hotel. Pricy, but convenient, and the internet access is free.

On to Antananarivo in the morning. Next update will probably be from Antsirabe.
Tags: travel

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