fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Outrageous Dames

The final fringe show I saw was "Outrageous Dames." This was actually two one-woman shows and about the only link between them is that both were about women.

The first, Marjorie Conn's "Miss Lizzie A. Borden Invites You For Tea," was absorbing. Ms. Conn did an excellent job of exploring Lizzie Borden's story, including her (and her sister's) motivation. There's also some interesting material about Lizzie's love affair with the actress, Nance O'Neil. The only negative was that Conn seemed a bit hesitant with the material at times, as if she was having trouble remembering her lines, but that happened just a few times.

Christine Emmert's "Dying in Pittsburgh" was considerably less interesting. I could appreciate Emmert's acting skill, but Eleanora Duse (an actress who rivaled Sarah Bernhardt) just wasn't that interesting a person. There's no real narrative arc to the monologue and I found myself peeking at my watch during the performance.
Tags: theatre

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