fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Amusing insight into what I really do at work

I could just whine about snow or point you to today's Holidailies entry on Areas of Unrest (which has to do with Yiddish theatre songs and includes a video of my favorite, er, only sibling.)

But I got a pretty amusing email at work the other day and I thought I'd pass along an excerpt from it. The sender works for my company and has just moved into my old job - and, hence, my old desk. In telling me about settling in there, she wrote, "BTW, I found several of your paperclip abstract art projects. Unfortunately, I started tossing them before I stumbled across your really elaborate efforts and understood this to be a crucial transition and exploration phase of your creative career."

I thought I'd thrown out all my bent and twisted paper clips when I left there (over a year ago), but apparently not. I wonder if I got all of the origami frogs I make out of business cards? (My own cards, by the way. I have yet to have used even half of the cards for legit purposes before changing jobs.)
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