fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Funny Propositions

The other Capital Fringe Festival show I saw today was Funny Propositions by the Fine Wine Players. This consisted of four brief plays, with a theme of "smashing reality." The first, "Decked," had to do with addiction to computer solitaire and mostly involved the cards talking about how bad for the player her obsession with the game was. The most successful was "Dorothy For Lunch," which was the story of a lonely woman who makes surprisingly life-like dolls and had a decidedly Twilight Zone feel to it. "Parlour Games" was simply uncomfortable for watch, and was not salvaged by a twist at the end. Finally, "Guerillas" had an interesting premise, in which shopping at malls was made illegal and only e-commerce allowed, but didn't follow through effectively.

I was expecting something funnier and more coherent, so was disappointed. But that's the way things go with fringe shows. It's always worth taking a chance.
Tags: theatre

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