fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Odds and Ends

1) My calendar was clearing up. Key word there is "was." I signed up for classes at Stitches East. And I have almost decided what tickets to order for the Capital Fringe Festival, though I need to double check things to make sure there are no conflicts.

2) As I have mentioned before, I sometimes write down notes that I can't interpret a month or two later. Sadly, I know exactly why I wrote, "I am deeply disappointed in the Maldives." I do not, however, know why I wrote "Yankee go home" on the same page of my planner.

3) Somebody needs to stage a production of Robert Lindsay Nasif's, "Elliot Ness in Cleveland" where I can see it. (Nasif wrote "The Flight of the Lawnchair Man," which was the highlight of "3hree.")

4) My company email is very inconsistent when I do their remote access. Today, it took so long to open that I completely forgot who it was I was going to send an email to.

5) I am not sure if referring to wind as "sailboat fuel" is clever or irritating.

6) I am tempted to download some patterns for amigurumi, but I fear I would find making them addictive.

7) I am not surprised that Duke Ellington won out over Frederick Douglass and Benjamin Banneker to be depicted on the D.C. quarter. But I am a bit disappointed.

8) My colleague, George, recently described the inclusion of a particular person at a meeting as "like inviting Hitler to your bar mitzvah and thinking that it's OK because Stalin will also be there."

9) I am worried about Morgan Tsvangirai. I think he made the right decision and I hope the Dutch embassy can protect him.

10) I am also worried about a couple I know who live in Iowa City and have not answered my email asking if they are okay.

11) A career advice columnist in the Washington Post suggested one should email resumes in Word format and not PDF because "not everybody has PDF." Uh, not everybody has Word and a lot of people won't open Word documents from unknown senders due to the risk of viruses. I'd suggest plain text in the message body is safest.

12) Like everyone else, I will note the death of George Carlin. An interesting bit of trivia is that "7 Dirty Words" was the first routine broadcast on XM satellite radio.

13) Nobody else I've read has yet noted the death of Tasha Tudor, who illustrated a number of children's books.

14) There was a fascinating story in the International Herald Tribune today about the "sworn virgins" of Albania. By taking an oath of virginity, these women became legally treated as men. It was usually done to allow them to be heads of household. The practice is dying out now that gender roles are not as strict.
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