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But There Was Fun ...

Once I actually had the rental car, I drove up to Louisville, checked into the hotel, and dropped by a store to pick up a bottle of wine. I had hoped they would have "7 Deadly Zins" (which is actually good zinfandel, but I admit that I have been known to buy wine by punning names alone and have given somebody a bottle of "Marilyn Merlot"). But, alas, no, and I settled on "Sin Zin" instead. I had no problem finding my way to the party. My attempts to parallel park the Highlander could have provided great amusement, however, had anyone been looking.

Anyway, the party included good conversation and good food - which is about what a party needs. agedwiz and I tried to figure out how long it had been since we'd seen each other and came up with the astonishing 14 years. There were a few other old soc.singles folks there and other LJ'ers and I will inevitably screw up remembering and forget to name somebody so it is best if I not try to list who all was there.

I do have to mention the scotch. I'm not a scotch drinker and I even gave away the bottle that had been part of the ex-boyfriend collection. But there was this bottle of some 30 year old single malt scotch that was said to sell for $60 a shot. I tasted just a sip and have to admit that it was decidedly drinkable. It didn't convert me from rum as my hard liquor of choice, but it was noteworthy. My boss is big on scotch and I should really find out the name of this one to make him jealous.

I used Sunday to satisfy one of my obsessions and did a volksmarch in downtown Denver, thus checking off another state capital. The 11 kilometer route was pleasant and included most of what downtown Denver is famous for, e.g. the 16th Street Mall, LoDo, the Capitol, etc.. One of the more interesting things was seeing Golda Meir's house. It's on the CU-Denver Auraria campus, where a number of historic houses have been moved to 9th Street Park. (Many of them are used for campus administration, by the way.) I also enjoyed Centennial Gardens and a stretch along the Platte River trail. One of my major travel rules involves going to local festivals, so I made the last kilometer or two take a lot longer by detouring through what turned out to be the Pride festival. It was extremely crowded, but there was decent music and attractive (though, obviously, unavailable for me) eye candy.

All in all, the trip was worth the travel hassles. Which is about all I can ask for.
Tags: alcohol, party, travel, volksmarch

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