fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Calendar Management

I have officially lost it with respect to managing my calendar.

I misread the invitation to one event, so I thought it was Thursday, but it was really tonight. Oh, sure, I could get dressed again and get back to the city for a while, but I'm too comfortably in my pajamas.

I also managed not to read the Book Section of the Sunday Washington Post until this evening, so I didn't know that Mark Kurlansky was reading at Politics and Prose. So, had I been paying attention, I'd have had two things to go to tonight.

What I had vaguely been planning to do was go to a movie at Silverdocs (a documentary film festival), but everything I wanted to see at times I could go was already sold out and I'm not going to go to darkest Maryland and take my chances on standby. I am reduced to my backup option of doing something about all the household paperwork that is overwhelming my study.

This may validate my theory that everything happens at the same time. Therefore, I should probably stop whining about the people who scheduled both major storytelling festivals within a reasonable drive for the same weekend in September.

I should also make a note on my calendar to sign up for classes at Stitches East on Monday when registration opens because otherwise I won't manage to remember to do it at all.

I also have a work related document to review, due tomorrow. It would be routine enough but the person who sent out the tasker forgot to attach the actual document.
Tags: decluttering, time, work

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