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Seeing London from Brooklyn

As you may have deduced from the previous entry, I made a quick trip up to New York this weekend. I left Friday after work, spent the morning in Brooklyn and lower New York and headed back to midtown for lunch and a show. Which gave me enough time for a browse through Macy's and dinner before a train back to Washington and collapse from exhaustion.

Why Brooklyn? That's the borough I have spent the least time in. (Yes, I've spent more time on Staten Island as I have a relative who lives there.) When I read about The Telectroscope, I thought it would be fun to see. Of course, the whole Victorian idea about placing mirrors in a trans-Atlantic tunnel has been superseded by technology and it's pretty obvious that you're looking at a high speed video connection. The idea works as a interesting art project and was a good excuse to wander around Brooklyn Heights a bit.

I'd taken the subway down (complicated by track maintenance affecting the A and C trains and, I have to say, the New York transit system is not as user friendly as Washington's when it comes to explaining these outages and what to do about them). But I was right at the Brooklyn Bridge and I'd never actually been on the Brooklyn Bridge and it made sense to walk across it. Since I'm a bit phobic about bridges, that seems strange but it really isn't bad. The pedestrian walkway is actually in the middle of the bridge (above the vehicular traffic), so it's not like the one over the Mississippi near St. Louis where you see water under gratings below your feet at times. The traffic vibrations did make me uncomfortable reading the information plaques at each side of the bridge, however.

When you get to the Manhattan side, you have the lovely Municipal Building right in front of you. I decided to just do a bit of meandering around the area. Specifically, I was trying to remember which was the building my father had worked in. His building didn't stand out in and of itself, but how could I possibly have forgotten the Woolworth Building, which is right across the street from it? I guess it's been a long time since I've been anywhere below the Village.

Since I was there, I walked around Ground Zero, which is, frankly, more interesting for people watching than as a site. The tragedy was human and nothing about the site itself tells that story. And I find the vendors with their books of tragedy and little models of the World Trade Center to be creepy. I walked back to the subway and headed back uptown.
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