fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Metro Haiku - Delay edition

We regret any
inconvenience. Thank you for
riding metro ...
... Ha!

Tonight's commute was
frustrating and annoying
in equal measure.

The prosaic version of the kvetch of the day is that a massive storm moved through the area in the middle of the afternoon. Thunder and lightning and wind and possibly a tornado or two led to power outages. One of those power outages was just outside the East Falls Church station. Hence, there was pandemonium on the Orange Line.

It took a couple of trains at Rosslyn before I managed to even get started westward. They claimed that all of the trains were terminating at East Falls Church, but that there would be shuttle bus service to West Falls Church and shuttle trains running to Vienna. I figured I could take the 2B bus (which runs from Ballston to Vienna) as a backup.

When I got to East Falls Church we all got off the train and into a massive human traffic jam on the platform. Just as I finally got down to the lower level and was among the masses trying to get out and get to a bus, they announced that service had been restored. So I forced my way back upstream and managed to get onto the second train that came.

They did charge a reduced fare. And it is still better than driving. But that doesn't mean I won't whine.
Tags: haiku, kvetching, metro

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