fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Cubicle Chic - A Public Service Message

Today's Washington Post's Sunday Source section's main feature is on "fashion at work." On the front page, they show a woman wearing a moderately boring pantsuit and suggest changes. As usual, the article mostly reveals that fashion reporters have no clue about what is appropriate at normal workplaces, particularly in conservative professions. (Which means 99.9999% of jobs in Washington.)

1) A camisole top with yellow rosettes is probably not appropriate anywhere and especially not in an office.

2) Likewise for a full skirt with yellow, purple, blue and grey polka dots. (I do, however, own a similar skirt in black and white, which is also not really office appropriate, though I've worn it to work when I haven't done laundry.)

3) Just because it buttons down the front, does not make it a shirtdress. Sleeveless is dubious to start with and putting ruffles at the armholes (and down the front of the bodice and at the hem) pushes it way over the edge.

4) You should probably not be wearing your blouse untucked to begin with. But, if you are, wearing a jacket that is shorter than the blouse just looks sloppy, not cool.

5) Those women on the metro wearing walking shoes are almost certainly going to change shoes at the office, so shut up about it already. Suggesting the purchase of grey and chartreuse high heels instead (at $525, or at least 4 - 5 times what anybody needs to pay for shoes) is only going to make us laugh at you.
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