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The Tackle Box

As I mentioned in the previous entry, I took advantage of being in Georgetown at lunchtime to have lunch on M Street. I'd read a positive review of The Tackle Box and decided it was worth a try.

It was, indeed. While it's a bit pricy for lunch, $13 for a serving of fish (or a hamburger should you insist), one sauce, and two sides is not unreasonable. (They also have stuff like lobster rolls, by the way, at an even higher price.) The fish (I got wood-grilled bluefish with lemon-garlic aioli) was clearly fresh and decidedly tasty. The sweet potato fries were among the best I've had. The side salad was fine, but nothing really special. My one complaint is that the house-made lemonade was too sweet.

The ambiance is pure Maine lobster shack, complete with large wooden picnic tables. Which is perfect for what they serve.

I'd definitely be willing to go there again. Or to try out their more upscale sibling, Hook, which is right next door.
Tags: food pornography

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