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July Prompts

Lots more to catch up on, but here are my answers to the July prompts.

1. Have there been any periods in your life that could be described as being chaotic? Yes, especially the year or so after my mother died. I was going back and forth to her house to clear things out, as well as having a lot of conflict with my brother.

2. What was the last thing you bought used? Books. Which are pretty much the only thing I buy used.

3. Has anyone ever told you that you're getting too competitive over minor things? I think I’ve more often told other people that they are over-competitive, e.g. with respect to board games.

4. What was the first thing you ever saved up to buy with your own money? In high school, I saved up money to buy a three-speed bike. But my parents bought me one before I had enough on my own.

5. After high school – straight to college or straight to work? Straight to college.

6. If I looked in your fridge right now, what would I find? Vegetables, noodles, and surimi for a stir-fry. Apples and lemons. A lot of condiments (a category which includes a jar of pepperoncini). A few types of cheese, some cream, yogurt, and sour cream. Eggs. A couple of bottles of wine and a bottle of amurula. A large jug of water for emergencies. Butter. Yeast.

7. If you had to move to a new city, where would you move? There are several possibilities, but the top few are Boston, Charleston (South Carolina), Tel Aviv, and Montevideo (Uruguay).

8. What did your parents do when you were growing up? My father was a civil engineer turned urban planner. My mother had a number of different jobs over the years, ranging from selling Avon to selling real estate to secretarial work.

9. When someone knocks on the door, who do you think it is? Most likely the postman.

10. Did your parents live in a different country before you were born? My father was born in Germany (well, East Prussia) but only because of better medical care than in Lithuania, where he grew up. (His mother had had an earlier baby who was stillborn.) He survived the Kovno Ghetto and Dachau and spent a few years in Displaced Persons camps in Italy before coming to the U.S.

11. What's something you've experienced that very few others have? A zero-G flight.

12. Do you have to wear an identification badge at your job? I'm retired now, but I did have to wear an ID badge when I worked.

13. Do you like when friends stop by unexpectedly? Friends really can’t stop by unexpectedly since my condo complex is semi-secure. And my place is generally a mess so I really wouldn’t want anyone to just drop in.

14. How old were you when you moved to your current home? Uh, 49, I think.

15. If you apply your makeup, do you do it in a specific order? I rarely wear makeup, but when I do, it is first foundation, then rouge and powder, then eye makeup (shadow and mascara), and then lipstick.

16. Were you born with naturally straight teeth? Uh, aren’t most people born without teeth?

17. Do you like going to museums? Any particular type? I love going to museums. I like a lot of different sorts of museums. I probably go to art museums most often, but I have a particular fondness for the sort of small town museums that have a mixture of local history, oddities, and collections donated (or lent) by local people. I’ve also gone to a lot of doll museums.

18. What time do you usually go to bed at on weekends? Maybe midnight.

19. How often do you re-watch / re-read things or are you more ‘once only’? I reread certain books, e.g. my once or twice a year rereading of Alice in Wonderland. I do rewatch things now and then, but less often than I reread.

20. If you could marry any celebrity today who would it be? I have no real desire to marry anyone. But, if I had to, whoever has a lot of money and poor health?

21. Do you own anything that's an antique? Sort of. I have a necklace my great-grandmother allegedly bought in Shanghai. And I have a crocheted beaded bag my grandmother made.

22. Do you let your hair air dry or do you blowdry it? Air dry.

23. How long does it take for you to fall asleep at night? I usually fall asleep fairly quickly, but I tend to wake up after 4-5 hours and can’t always get back to sleep.

24. What's the first thing you do when you get on the computer? Check my email.

25. What's one item that you wish you owned right now? The perfect display cabinet for my doll collection. But I’d settle for owning lamps that all used the same type of lightbulb.

26. Do you like makeup? I think it can be fun on special occasions, but I wouldn’t want to use it every day.

27. What celebrity death(s) that effected you the most? William Strunk, Jr., who would have been as shocked as I was by the poor grammar of this question.

28. Musician you would like to see live if you had the chance? Luka Bloom.

29. Have you ever met an online friend in real life? Plenty of them.

30. What would you miss most if you moved from the area you currently live in? The cultural life of the D.C. area is phenomenal.

31. Have you ever cried in school? Yes, but that was long ago.

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