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June Prompts

1. Do you have a dry erase board? I think I have one somewhere, but I doubt I could find it easily.

2. What feature do you get complimented on most? My skin, which looks younger than the rest of me.

3. On average, how much money do you usually put into savings every week? When I was working, I put $135 a week into my credit union account, on top of money I put into my 403(B) account.

4. Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? Not that I know of.

5. Do you start the shower water before or after you get in? Before, since I want the water to warm up.

6. What laundry detergent do you use? I use All pods, since that was what was on sale.

7. When you were younger, were you ever in a relationship with someone you now realize was way too old for you? No. In fact, I hesitated to get into a relationship with someone who was about 10 years older than me because I thought he was too old.

8. How old were you the first time you traveled alone? It depends on how you define “traveled.” I went on a couple of overnight college visits on my own during my senior year of high school. More significantly, I went to Europe for several weeks when I graduated from college. My father asked me what I wanted as a graduation present and I replied, “plane ticket, Eurail pass, some spending money.” I found out years later that he thought I’d ask for a stereo system.

9. What's the longest hotel stay you've ever had? Assuming this means in one place, probably a couple of weeks.

10. What temperature do you keep your thermostat set to during the winter? About 70 Fahrenheit.

11. Have you ever had surgery? Only oral surgery (e.g. having my wisdom teeth out)

12. When you were growing up did your family move around a lot? Not at all. We moved from the Bronx to Long Island when I was about 3 years old and my mother was still living in that house until she died.

13. What browser do you use? Mostly Chrome.

14. Do you remember what you wore on your very first day of school? Not really, other than that we had a dress code that required girls to wear dresses.

15. What was the last letter that you sent out by mail? Part of the Month of Letters project in February.

16. What do you think the world will be like in 100 years? It’s heading towards being hotter, drier, stormier, and more plague-ridden, alas.

17. Where do you hang your towel to dry after showering? On the towel rack.

18. Last time you swam in a pool? Way too long ago.

19. Type of music you dislike most? I don’t care for most rap music.

20. How many people have you kissed in a car? At least 4.

21. Do you enjoy getting manicures/pedicures? Yes, especially pedicures.

22. Did you often read for fun when you were a kid? I read all the time as a child. And pretty much still do.

23. Do you have any dietary restrictions? I am lactose intolerant. Also, while I no longer keep strictly kosher, I don’t eat pork (and don’t eat shellfish at home) and don’t eat meat and dairy together. But, then, I don’t generally eat dairy at all unless I am willing to take lactose tablets to counteract its effects on me.

24. Are you more of a visual learner or an auditory learner? Auditory. But kinesthetic should also be an option.

25. Which of your good habits has made the biggest positive difference in your life? Flossing my teeth.

26. What is your favorite tea brand? Tetley makes the only lapsong souchong I can find easily. I also like some blends (e.g. Island Vanilla) from a place called Spices and Tease at Grand Central Station in New York.

27. What's a hobby you've been thinking about starting? Soutache.

28. If I stepped into your shower, what is the first item I would notice? A lot of little bottles of shampoo and shower gel from various hotels.

29. Did you go to your high school’s homecoming dance? I don’t think we had a homecoming dance.

30. Who taught you how to drive? I took drivers’ ed in high school.

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