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A Few More Little Things

Household: I forgot to mention in my last entry that I also got my water heater replaced. There have been a lot of issues with older water heaters in my condo complex, with multiple units having leaks. The complex had competitive deals with a couple of companies for replacement, which I had been intending to do anyway. So I went with the company that had better reviews. (It’s a little more complicated here, because we have a combined system, that also provides our heating. Not every company knows how to install those.) Anyway, that’s one big household thing done. I still have a few odds and ends to get done, but nothing quite so critical.

Pesach: The first night I went to a friend’s zoom seder, which was rather scaled back because she was dealing with a family health issue. The second night, my chavurah was invited to join the community seder put on by the synagogue one member belongs to. It was fairly amusing, but was decidedly mostly entertainment, not at all traditional. For example, there was a song called Manishewitzville (to the tune of Margaritaville.) And the simple child was illustrated with a picture of Alfred E. Newman. One thing I thought was cool was putting a cotton ball on the seder plate to note the oppression of the Uighurs who are, apparently, forced to work in the cotton fields.

As far as food goes, since everything was on-line, I was on my own. I cooked a turkey breast half, with some mango relish. I accompanied that with roasted potatoes and some butternut squash which I roasted with what turned out to be too much cinnamon. There was also gefilte fish the first night and chopped liver the second night. For non-seder meals, there are assorted leftovers, as well as some of my Pesach staples - borscht, matzo ball soup, chremslach (matzo meal pancakes), etc.

Women in Baseball: Since my favorite season (i.e. baseball) is about to start, I want to mention how pleased I am that there are finally a few women climbing the ranks of baseball management. Bianca Smith is a minor league coach for the Red Sox organization. And Kim Ng is the general manager of the Marlins. You go, girl(s)!

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