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Dreamwidth cross-posting appears to have failed. My apologies if this shows up twice.

The main reason that I've been really busy is that I am involved with the 2nd annual Women's Storytelling Festival, which starts Friday (March 19th). Last year's festival was the last event I was at before everything shut down. This year's event is virtual, which means that any of you can attend, regardless of where you live. You can see the schedule and buy tickets at Women's Storytelling Festival. The stream will be up (for ticket holders) for two weeks so you don't have to be glued to your computer all weekend. I am emceeing the Story Swap, open to anyone who wants to tell, on Sunday morning at 10 EDT. I'm also doing a bunch of behind the scenes work during the festival. Right now, I am finishing writing up blog posts about the festival tellers, as well as compiling introductions for the emcees to use.

The other big thing I did this week was getting interviewed on Walking on the Moon on Takoma Radio. You can skip to about 8:20 p.m. and my segment ends a little after 9 p.m. Danny asked me about being a woman in engineering, but also about STEM in general. And about storytelling and how that fits in. He'd given me questions beforehand and I also gave him this video (below), which he played just a little snippet of:


Anyway, Danny may have regretted asking me a question about any possible relation between quantum theory and Q-anon. My inherent smart ass tendencies came out. I asked the Style Invitational Loser community for help with interesting words starting with "q" to prepare. So I said "Not to be querulous but such a quixotic question makes me queasy. Quintillions of people quake and quiver to consider the qualities of of quarks and quanta, afraid to get quagmired in the quicksand of quizzical quirks. So, rather than query the quintessentials of that quandary, it would be better to quit quietly."
Tags: engineering, feminism, science, shameless self promotion, storytelling, work

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