fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Between rehearsal for next week's storytelling show, a Chavurah meeting, and playing Code Names with friends, I spent over 5 hours on zoom today. That's really too much for a Sunday. But it does help to keep up some sort of social life during these times.

Today's off-line weirdness was a grocery run. Wegman’s in Fairfax has a Chanukah display up, with menorahs, dreidels, blue and silver wrapping paper, etc. What they don't actually have, however, is Chanukah candles. Oy.

I need to go out tomorrow because the low tire pressure light on my car came on just as I was getting home. I'm pretty sure the tires just need to get topped up because of the cold weather, by the way. So it should be a quick errand for that and give me time to pick up a box of candles at another store. This entry was originally posted at https://fauxklore.dreamwidth.org/478147.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
Tags: holidailies, judaism, life in general

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