fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

A Fairly Productive Day

This is late, because I took a short nap that turned into over 4 hours. Oh, well.

I made a new master list of chores, which is always both satisfying and scary. And I even did a couple of items on it, but then fell into a rabbit hole of one which I had not listed. Namely, I began a sorely needed file cabinet clean-out. I keep 10 years of records in one drawer, mostly because that is what fits in that drawer. In better times, I spent the first couple of days of the year shredding the 10-year-old files and setting up new files from the previous year out of the file drawer in my desk.

I fell behind when I was dealing with my mother's stuff. Today I tackled the drawer, pulled out the folders to shred, and shredded the 2007 files (which get replaced with 2017). I have a stack still to shred, as my goal is to fill the shredder bin once a day until I am done. The harder part will be filing all the stuff that is in boxes (and in a pile on the sofa) to be filed. But I feel like I made actual progress. This entry was originally posted at https://fauxklore.dreamwidth.org/477696.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
Tags: decluttering, holidailies

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