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From the Clipping File

I am clearing out various clippings that have been cluttering up my desk.

How My Governor Thinks: I generally like him, but Ralph Northam isn’t always the most articulate or decisive politician around. Since he is a physician by trade, it is particularly distressing that he dithered for a while re: Covid-19. His staff apparently circulated the following gem:

We have a 6 phase plan to reopen the state. The plan will be a phased plan that we will plan to utilize in phases. The phases will be planned and the planning will be phased. We will move quickly and slowly to open but will remain closed. I have created a staff of staffers who will plan the phase and planning while phasing their phases.

From the Mixed Metaphor Department: The Washington Post had an article on how zoo animals are reacting to the absence of people visiting zoos. Anna Peele wrote, "The blue crowned pigeon approaches his mate and begins davening, twerking his tail toward the skylight of the Cape Mazy County Zoo aviary as his beak dips towards the earth."

First of all, "davening" just means "praying." The back and forth movement associated with Jewish prayer is called "shuckling." Secondly, I can’t imagine how one would shuckle and twerk at the same time. Oy.

On a More Serious Note: The WaPo also quoted a poll that described the racial breakdown of Democrats outside of the South as 60 percent white, 17 percent African American and 23% Latino. Obviously the statistics vary from place to place, but I know that my neck of the woods is at least 14% Asian American. The Asian American percentages in several other cities are also quite significant – 23-30% in the Bay Area, 44% in Honolulu, 14% in Los Angeles. Another problem is that the Census counts Latinx people independent of race. That is, they can be considered black or white, but not as a separate racial category. Pollsters don’t have to do it the way the Census does, of course. But I thought that the reporting here was fishy.

Frozen Delight: Susan Dennis was talking not long ago about community cookbooks. That reminded me of a favorite recipe, out of the Appetizers & Beverages section of a church cookbook that my mother was given by one of her neighbors.


Hmm, maybe I will make some frozen delight tonight.
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