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How Do I Manage Being So Busy?

I’ve been absurdly busy, without going anywhere. For one thing, there is work (from home), where I managed to finish the first draft of a white paper, as well as participate in umpty ump meetings, a few of which were actually productive. But I am also keeping up with doing things (on-line) with people. Last week involved playing board games with a group of friends Monday nightt, having a zoom meeting with people from TCC, followed by book club, and a short storytelling related meeting all on Wednesday night, a check-in meeting with another group of friends Thursday night, and a Profs and Pints talk on Friday night (about the history and meaning of road trips in America). I think I had a couple of phone conversations with friends in there, too.

Also, my internet went out on Wednesday night (I think). It turned out that the modem had died and Verizon brought me a replacement, so all is good now. Tethering the laptop to the iphone was a good workaround in the meantime, by the way.

I am working on a couple of creative projects, too, I might actually manage a submission to the Style Invitational, for example, but I suspect I won’t get anything I like enough to bother with. And I have a new story that is almost ready for telling, though it will inevitably need some tightening up.

I have other things to say, but I am just too tired. Maybe later this week,

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