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Songs to Disinfect By

But, first, a local oddity and some politics...

Strange Ad: This is on the Nextdoor group for my neighborhood: "As we enter the warmer months, I want to remind everyone that I’m available to identify and relocate snakes from your property FOR FREE. I offer my relocation services as a last resort, in other words, if the snake is in danger of being hurt of killed. The majority of the time there’s no need to intervene."

Is it just me or does this make anybody else wonder what the advertiser is doing with the snakes? And, by the way, a disturbing number of the replies (i.e. more than one) are asking specifically if the advertiser will deal with copperheads.

Super Tuesday: Amy Klobuchar’s withdrawal from the Democratic primary race left me with a tough decision. In the end, I decided that Biden’s positions are closer to mine than Warren’s were and I voted for him (along with most of Virginia). Sanders was not even a consideration – if I want to be yelled at by an old Jewish man with a New York accent, I have plenty of relatives who can do that.

Now Warren has pulled out so it really does look like a two person race. (Yes, I know Tulsi Gabbard is still in it, but she has no chance. And she’s a bloody lunatic.) I thought I would reiterate something I’ve said before and was reminded of when Hillary Clinton lost. Namely, I still believe / fear that the first female president of the U.S. will be a conservative Republican. That drive for ideological purity is what it would take for a lot of men (and some women) to overcome rampant misogyny.

One More Thing re: Politics: My other takeaway from Tuesday is that early voting and, particularly, requiring vote by mail (as Colorado does) continue to be bad ideas. Absentee / early voting is fine for situations that require it (travel, disability, etc.) but it should not become the norm precisely because too many people will end up voting for candidates who are no longer in the running. That is less true of the final elections, of course, but there have still been situations where, say, a candidate has died before the election.

We do need to fix the problems in some states that led to long waits, but that can be handled by having adequate numbers of polling places with sufficient voting machines at each.

Hand washing: So we all know we are supposed to wash for 20 seconds, right? I have traditionally used the alphabet song to time myself. But I’ve seen some interesting alternatives, of which the ones I liked best were "Karma Chameleon" and "Africa." It occurred to me that nobody has suggested any particular show tunes, however. (Well, there was one Andrew Lloyd Webber song mentioned, but no. Just, no.) My offering, based entirely on what song I am most likely to think of when standing at a bathroom sink is "I Believe in You" from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. (You just need to do the part from "You have the cool clear eyes … " through "I believe in you." That should be about 23 seconds.)

You can thank me (or curse me, as the case may be) later.

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