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Viva Las Vegas

Apparently Dreamwidth cross-posting is not working right now. So here is what I wrote over there yesterday, which didn't make it here. If it does show up and is just delayed, you can feel free to ignore this cut and paste.

I went to Las Vegas for the weekend, mostly because it had been a few years since I had been there. I got a reasonably good room rate at the Luxor. As for formal entertainment, I crowdsourced shows on facebook and the consensus of my friends was that O was the best choice of the Cirque du Soleil shows I hadn’t previously seen.

The travel went very smoothly, with my flight from IAD on Friday evening getting in about 45 minutes early. I put my bags in my room and wandered the Luxor casino for a little while. The slot machines there tend to be a bit dated, with few that I haven’t seen before. I should explain that I look at gambling as entertainment, so I decide how much money I am willing to spend and see how long I can be entertained by it. As long as I stay within my budget, losing is acceptable. Though, of course, winning is preferable. At any rate, my gambling luck Friday night did not match my flying luck, so I licked my wounds and went to bed.

Unfortunately, the alleged renovations at the Luxor did not include having mattresses with any support and I woke up with my back in agony. After getting breakfast, I set out to walk up the Strip. That led to an interesting discovery. Namely, walking actually alleviated my back pain. I was still slower than normal, but at least I could move comfortably.

The Strip has been made blander by the construction of paths that direct you away from the sidewalks and onto bridges across the street directly into one casino or another. The issue I have with that is that you can’t see a lot of the architectural excess which is one of the main things I enjoy about Vegas. I meandered northward up the Strip, stopping here and there to play slots at various casinos. About 5ish, I decided it was time to go over to the Bellagio since my ticket for O was at 7.

So I sat down at a slot machine there called Attack from Planet Moolah, which has a sort of space cow theme, involving aliens taking cows and the farm family trying to get them back. I am not sure exactly how, but I was up about 30 bucks and hit some bonus that gave me 400 free spins. And then I kept getting more winnings and more free spins. This was actually a bit of a problem, since I was worried about making it to the show. I did manage to use up all the free spins by 6:45 and came out winning roughly 600 bucks, so it was all quite exciting.

I had just enough time to use the restroom and get over to the theatre. O was more or less what I was expecting – a mixture of acrobatics and clowning and synchronized swimming (or, as we used to call it, water ballet). The music was pretty interesting, too. But I will admit that I was as impressed by the engineering of the sets as I was by the actual performances. In short, it was good choice for a way to spend an hour and a half or so.

I made my way back to the Luxor, stopping for dinner at the New York New York food court on the way. I was amused to note that my phone said I had walked over 17,000 steps that day. I had some time on Sunday before I needed to head to the airport, so went over to Mandalay Bay for breakfast (and a little more gambling, during which I won about $40, which is nice but not as spectacular as Saturday). My flights home (via LAX) were both early, also. Which really means that United is just padding their schedules more, but I am okay with that. Overall, it was a good weekend away, but I was sleep deprived and glad to use my Monday holiday to catch up on critical napping (and a little bit of housework).
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