fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Old and New

Just a quick entry because I really should manage to write more than once a week.

I did a bit of office archaeology this week (well, the electronic equivalent thereof) and turned up a 40+ year old document that actually was exactly what someone needed to answer a technical question. I think that's hysterically funny.

My living room archaeology didn't turn up any relics quite that old (yet) but I did get rid of various things like coupons that expired a couple of years ago and brochures for the 2016 theatre season and the like. I'm proud of myself for not just throwing all of the crap in the living room into the box of shame to deal with later, but trying to actually put things where they belong. Which is often the trash or the shredder. I'm hoping to get through a lot more this weekend.

As for things that aren't old, I was on a career development panel at work yesterday, mostly because I am one of a very few people in my division who is on the East Coast. I was able to answer the questions I got about what it's like to work in my group and, hopefully, provide a few useful tidbits about career transitions. I think of this as warping young minds, but I am smart enough not to phrase it that way to my boss.

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