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Around My Neighborhoods

American Community Survey: This is a long form that the U.S. Census Bureau does every year and my address got randomly selected for this year. You answer a lot of nosy questions on-line. They claim it should take 40 minutes to do. Ha! It takes me more than 40 minutes to find my last gas bill and electric bill (the amounts of which they want to know) because I pay those automagically and only look at them a couple of times a year. And isn’t January a silly time to ask about your income last year and how much you got in interest and dividends, given that most documentation of that stuff comes at the very end of January and into February? I also don’t know things like how many units are in my condo complex and when it was built and what my real estate taxes are without doing a lot of searching. Well, I gave it my best guesses, but it was annoying.

Around the Neighborhood – Work Edition: While I was away, more places near work closed. Cosi is the biggest loss, as it had been the closest place to get something to eat without having to go outside. Apparently, another eatery reachable by indoor paths also closed, but I haven’t gone down that way since I’ve been back. The library branch had always been a pop-up, as had one take-out food place. But the key point is that there are fewer and fewer options around.

Around the Neighborhood – Home Edition: On my way to book club last week, I noticed a new Indian grocery store on Route 50. I’ll have to find some time to check it out.

Matchbox: I went out to dinner with flyertalk friends last night at Matchbox in Pentagon City. I got an Aslin Trite (nicely hoppy and slightly herbal beer) and a salad with seared tuna. That was a pretty good meal. But several people got pizzas, which looked extremely good, so I’ll keep that in mind if we go there again. We also had lots of travel-related conversation.

New Work Phone… NOT: They’re doing a hardware refresh and we are supposed to get new iphones. The previous time they did this, they sent out detailed instructions on what to do in advance. This time, they sent a completely useless link, which essentially said that it is okay to back up your photos to the cloud. (I actually back up my iphone photos to google photos, but that is beside the point.)

What I hadn’t realized is that the default for back-ups does not include messages. This is a simple thing to fix, had I but known. Anyway, in the course of trying to transfer my messages from the old phone to the new one, various things went wrong, eventually resulting in the new phone getting bricked. So I will have to go through this whole ordeal again some time next week.

Good Political News: Virginia has ratified the Equal Rights Amendment!

Fun Fact of the Day: The Space Force is prohibited by law from having a band. (Basically, Congress doesn’t want to have to pay Space Saxophonists and Space Trumpeters and so on. Given that my great-uncle did his World War II military service in an Army band in New Jersey, I am particularly amused by this.)

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