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A Quick Pre-vacation Post

I found the camera bag (which also had my solar binoculars in it, which is good given that this trip involves an annular eclipse). And the toiletries bag. And my microfiber travel towel. The headlamp, alas, appears to be vacationing in another dimension so I bought another one. That gave me an excuse to go to REI, where I also bought a lifestraw water filter, which is a good move towards trying to reduce my use of plastic bottles.

I also had to go to two supermarkets to get the Sunday New York Times, which I wanted for the annual puzzle supplement. Not that I will manage to actually do the puzzles until I am retired and/or on a cruise. Anyway, the shopping was tiring enough that I decided I needed to nap yesterday afternoon, instead of going to the Jewish Genealogy Society meeting. I did get up for my condo complex holiday party, which didn't seem particularly well attended. They had lots of tasty hors d'oeuvres and desserts. And it was nice to talk with a few people who I know. I didn't stay long because I wanted to get to putting away laundry.

As for earlier in the weekend, I went with a friend to see 63 Up on Friday night. If you are a fan of the 7 Up series, you will want to see this. If you haven't seen the earlier ones, I am not sure what it would be like to jump in this far down the road. (I started seeing them with 28 Up). There was a Q&A with Michael Apted after the movie and, frankly, he's not a very good speaker. For one thing, he had trouble remembering to talk into the microphone. For another, he got rather hung up on one question and didn't recognize that the next questioner was asking something entirely unrelated. I don't think the showing cost any more because of the Q&A, so it wasn't a huge disappointment.

Also, Saturday night was the monthly Voices in the Glen story swap. There was reasonably good turnout, including a couple of people who hadn't been there before. All in all, a fun evening.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for a couple of weeks. I am not sure what the internet access situation will be (probably okay until Saturday and questionable after that)so I doubt I will post much if at all while I am gone.

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