fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

More Reasons to Retire

I had a reasonably productive weekend. Along with a rehearsal for an upcoming storytelling show and a genealogy society meeting which offered up good tips on conserving materials, I got a fair amount of household stuff done.

Work is particularly annoying today. Not so much because of actual work, but because of the environment. They've been doing construction in the other suite on our floor and there is constant banging most of the day. Coupled with how bloody cold they keep the floor, my office is decidedly unpleasant.

Now they are cleaning the carpets. I am skeptical about the claim that this is eco-friendly carpet cleaner. Let's just say that I started sneezing constantly right after I got back into my office when they finished cleaning my carpet. Can't they do this stuff on a Friday after hours and have the weekend for the fumes to evaporate?

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