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The End of Graze

I have plenty of other things to write about, but I wanted to close out the series of things I wrote about Graze snacks, now that they've stopped their subscription boxes in my area. (I am not sure what the boundaries of that area are, but I know they've stopped in New York, too.) I was rather annoyed that the last box contained two packets of each of four snacks, but so be it. Anyway, here are the snack reviews I hadn't posted previously.

Cocoa Cranberry Oat Squares With Superfoods: These are rolled oat flapjacks (i.e. soft granola bars) with cocoa and cranberries. Apparently, the cacao nibs are the superfood part. They have 200 calories. This was pretty tasty, though the chocolate flavor is not quite as intense as you might expect.

Cocoa Cookies with Special Blend Black Tea: These are exactly what the name suggests – two cocoa cookies, along with a tea bag of what tasted like perfectly ordinary black tea to me. They have 110 calories and 4 grams of protein. The cookies are not too sweet and a bit on the dry side, but work well with the tea. Overall, I thought this was a good afternoon snack.

Iced Cinnamon Bun: This consists of vanilla cookie drops, yogurt-coated sunflower seeds, and caramelized honey and cinnamon almonds. It has 170 calories. Anything with honey and cinnamon nuts is delicious in my book and this was no exception. All of the ingredients were good, but those cinnamon almonds were orgasmic. I marked this snack as “love.”

Cacao & Orange with Dates and Raw Almonds: This consists of chopped dates, almonds, and cacao orange fruit pieces. It has 170 calories. All of the ingredients are tasty and they blend well together. There is plenty of both chocolate and orange flavor, making this an excellent sweet snack.

Cranberry & Hazelnut Toasts with a Rich Chocolate Dip: This is exactly what the name sounds like. The toasts are twice-baked and contain things like quinoa, as well as the cranberries, hazelnuts, sugar, and flour. The dip is a thick, dark-cocoa spread. Overall, this has 130 calories. I liked it, but I thought the cocoa spread dominated the flavor to the point that I didn’t really taste the cranberries at all. Still, it’s a tasty snack and I’d be happy to get it again.

Sweet and Salty Veggie Protein Power: This consists of honey salted peanuts, edamame beans, baked salted peanuts, and unsalted roasted cashews. It has 160 calories. While each of the ingredients is something I like, the combination is kind of weird. In short, I didn’t think the honey nuts worked at all with the rest of the ingredients. I solved that by eating them separately, but that does rather defeat the purpose of a combination snack.

Apple and Carrot Defense Smoothie: This consists of apple pieces, carrot chews, blanched almonds, and raspberry and chia bites. It has 170 calories. I didn’t really care for this. The carrot chews are bland. The raspberry and chia bites don’t have a lot of raspberry flavor. All in all, the apple bits are dominant and just didn’t blend well with the other ingredients. I marked it “dislike.”

Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies with Special Blend Black Tea: Nothing mysterious here – two oatmeal cookies, with some cinnamon flavor, along with a bag of black tea. There’s a total of 100 calories. The cookies are a bit drier than optimal but not bad. Perfectly fine, though not exciting.

Overall, I'm not really sorry to see the subscription box end, as it was a bit pricy. More to the point, it accomplished its purpose of getting me to try some things I never really ate before, like raisins and rhubarb and dates. If I really wanted to, I believe I could still order specific snacks from Graze. They do also sell at least some of their snacks at a couple of stores near me.

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