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2nd Quarter 2019 - Goals

I have 9 goals for the year. I may be overambitious for someone who is home as little as I am.

  • I’ve made some progress on household paperwork but there is still a lot to go through.

  • I have three goals that have to do with organizing things (genealogy files, yarn, and photographs). And I have done next to nothing on any of those.

  • I read another 8 books this quarter so am at 22 for the year so far. Which means I am behind the pace, but not badly so.

  • I entered the Style Invitational one more time, so have just one more to go.

  • I’ve continued to eat fruit almost every day. I’ve fallen off somewhat on bringing my lunch twice a week. And I’ve still not managed real workouts, though I do walk a fair amount.

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