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Swedish Dinner

Dinner in Sweden: The MIT Club of Washington had its annual meeting at the House of Sweden last night. The buffet dinner had reasonable variety and everything was quite tasty. The menu included roasted vegetable grain salad, potato salad with herbs, green salad, turkey meatballs with lingonberry sauce, salmon with cucumber and tartar sauce, assorted breads, and cake with berries. There was also an open bar, though I limited myself to one glass of sauvignon blanc.

Susan Hockfield (former president of MIT) was the keynote speaker and discussed her new book, The Age of Living Machines: How Biology Will Build the Next Technology Revolution. She gave examples of how biology is influencing development of technology for addressing several problems, including medicine (specifically cancer detection using nanoparticles), energy (virus-built batteries), and protein-based water purification. I’ve heard her speak a few times before and she is always informative and engaging.

We also got to go up to the roof deck of the embassy afterwards, which has amazing views over the Potomac. All in all, it was quite a lovely evening. There are times when I think about how nice a life I have and this was definitely one of those.

Sources of Stress: To make sure the evil eye doesn’t retaliate for my smugness about a good life, I just spent over an hour wrestling with our on-line tool for doing our end of week reports. And the only person who can help anyone with it is out today.

Also, a four game series between my Red Sox and the Source of All Evil in the Universe is starting tonight. In accordance with the Grand Unified Theory of Politics, Economics, and the American League East, the world is in considerable danger.

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