fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Swamped So You Get a Meme

How old are you: 60

Tattoos: none

Ever hit a deer: no

Ridden in an ambulance: yes, when I was hit by a car as a teenager

Sang karaoke: no, and I am not going to

Ice skated: yes, as a child

Ridden a motorcycle: no, and I am not going to

Stayed in hospital: no. Well, except when I was born

Skipped school: I skipped classes, but I don’t think I skipped entire days of school

Last phone call: telecon at work

Last text from: the friend I am going to New York with this coming weekend.

Watched someone die: no

Pepsi or coke: coke zero, but I prefer non-cola sodas.

Favourite Pie: depends on my mood, but coconut cream or lemon meringue are high on the list.

Favourite pizza: thin crust, mushroom and black olives

Favourite season: autumn

Broken bones: right ankle, little toes

Received a ticket: one speeding ticket (damn camera trap), a few parking tickets

Favourite color: teal

Sunset or sunrise: sunset

Favourite animal bears, especially polar bears

Had a tooth out yes

Who will play along: don’t know

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