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Holidailies Intro

I haven’t done Holidailies for the past few years, but I felt like pushing myself a bit this year. I believe that writing an intro post is traditional for the first day.

I’m Miriam. I live in northern Virginia and make my living as an aerospace engineer. I am a couple of years away from retirement and I am really looking forward to that. In my spare time I travel, tell stories, go to the theatre, and do various crafty things. I am also obsessed with genealogy. And I do puzzles, with a particular fondness for cryptics.

Today was a low-key day, though I did get major grocery shopping done. And some fill the freezer cooking in the form of bean and barley soup and chili. Which is why I ended up eating cereal for supper.

Since Chanukah starts tomorrow night, I had better get to clearing off the table so I can set out the chanukiah.

My life does get more interesting - I promise!

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