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52 Ancestors Week 47 - Thankful

The theme for Week 47 (November 19-25) is Thankful. There are a lot of things I could say about thankfulness in the genealogy context. The generic one is that I am thankful for all of the people who have searched out archives to acquire records, translate them, and make them available to other people. It was the work of JRI-Poland that set me down the path of genealogical research many years ago, for example. And I’d know a lot less about my father’s side of the family without the heroic efforts of LitvakSIG and, especially, the Kaunas District Research Group.

More specifically, I am thankful to a mentor I was matched with from the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Washington. She helped me find the death record of my great-grandfather’s brother, which led me to learning about his descendants and corresponding with (and even meeting) cousins I wouldn’t otherwise have known about.

Finally, I am thankful for people who have given me the opportunity to help them fill in their blanks, too.

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