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52 Ancestors Week 46 – Random Fact

The theme for Week 46 (November 12-18) is Random Fact. There are a lot of things I could have gone with for this, but here is one I think is particularly interesting and something I need to do more research on.

In 1922, there was a survey of apartments in Kaunas, Lithuania. This sort of thing is, of course, useful for things like finding addresses where people were living. So it shows that my great-grandmother’s brother, Abram Leiba BRUSKIN, bought his house at Siauiliu #21 on 16 May 1914 and that he lived there with his wife, Malka (nee IUTAL), and his three sons, Meyer, Moshe, and Rafael (who is shown as Fole).

But the more unusual piece of information has to do with another family. Namely, there’s a family with the surname BLOCH. The husband is Berke, wife is Berta, and they have two children, Moisei and Roza. What’s interesting is that Berke received his property at Benediktiniu Street #29 from Abram-Leiba and Malka BRUSKIN in 1913.

This doesn’t, however, tell me why the BRUSKINs gave the BLOCHs a piece of property. Actually, it doesn’t really say it was a gift. (I am reading a translation of excerpts of the survey, not the original, which doesn’t help.) I am assuming the BLOCHs were relatives of either Abram-Leiba or Malka, but I have no actual evidence of that. And it is a common enough surname to be a pain in the neck to research.

There are always more puzzle pieces.

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