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07 September 2018 @ 01:11 pm
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I got back from vacation yesterday. Quick summary is:

Part of a day in Zurich - museum going.

On to Latvia. A fair amount to see in Riga including Jewish sites and a lot of Art Nouveau architecture. A couple of excursions, with the highlight being Kuldiga. On to Daugavpils (aka Dvinsk), which has family connections.

Next, to Lithuania. Zarasai, Dusetos, Panevezys, Kedainiai, Josvainiai. A couple of days in Kaunas, including time at the archives and some interesting genealogy research. Vilnius, via Trakai. Center of Europe.

Flight to Minsk. A few days in Belarus, including excursion to Polatsk and Vitebsk. Less success with family research, but did commune with Marc Chagall.

Long flight home. Much to catch up on. Including here.

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Julieragnarok_08 on September 7th, 2018 09:37 pm (UTC)
That sounds like fun!