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52 Ancestors Week 31 - Oldest

The theme for Week 31 (July 30-August 5) is Oldest. My grandfather’s oldest (half)brother was Nathan LEBOFSKY, originally Nachman David CHLIBEJOTZKY. He was born around 1889 in Tykocin, Poland and died in New York in January 1983, i.e. at the age of 94. I haven’t been able to find his immigration record nor have I found any evidence that he was ever naturalized. I know he was in the U.S. before August 1912, since that’s when his sister, Mariasche CHLEBATZKY, arrived on the Potsdam and indicated she was going to her brother, Nacham CHLEBAZKY at 507 E. 12th Street in New York. (Interestingly, when Mottel CHLIBEJOTZKY arrived a year later, he gave Nathan’s name as Nachman CHLIBIJATZKY and an address that appears to be on 6th St. But people did move around a bit.)

I can’t find Nathan in the 1910 or 1915 census records. Or 1920 for that matter. But in the1925 New York census, he’s at 82 Church St., living there with his wife, Rose, and their three daughters (except one of them is misidentified as a son). That record indicates that he and Rose had been in the U.S. for 18 years, which would mean he came over in 1907. It also claims that both of them are 32 years old, which means they would have been born in 1893. He had a butcher shop.

Five years later (i.e. in the 1930 census), Nathan and Rose have aged 8 years, while the girls have aged 4. (The latter, of course, can be explained by what month the different censuses were taken.) He also now owns his house. And he has his sister, Adele (actually, I believe she was a half-sister) living with them. He also claims to have come over in 1906.

Rose died in 1932 (of kidney disease). Sometime between then and 1940, Nathan remarried, to Jennie CORENBAUM. Jennie died in 1982 and Nathan in 1983. The records claim he was 94 (which would put him as having been born in 1889) but, really, nobody – himself included – knew exactly when he was born.

Here’s a picture of Nathan and his family. From left to right, there’s Ira HOOPER, Celia LEBOFSKY, Nathan, Jennie, Sally HOOPER (seated), Goldie WERSTEIN, and Irving WERSTEIN. (Celia, Sally, and Goldie were Nathan and Rose’s three daughters.) Sally is still alive (at age 98) so far as I know!

By the way, Irving was a somewhat well-known writer of history and historical fiction for children. When I was about 10 I thought it was the most amazing thing ever that I could go to the library and get a book that was written by somebody related to me, albeit just related by marriage.


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