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52 Ancestors Week 28 - Travel

The theme for Week 28 (July 9-15) is Travel.

I’ve said before that I think of my family as being, essentially, nomadic. My maternal grandfather, Simon LUBOWSKY (originally Szymek CHLEBIOCKY) is a good example. He was born in Tykocin, Poland. He studied at a yeshiva in (then) Palestine. I have no particular details about this, but remember having been told that the yeshiva was in Petah Tikva. He then moved to Havana, Cuba where his younger brother, Willi, knew somebody who would teach him watchmaking, which was a far more marketable skill than being a rabbi. He met and married my grandmother, Lillian SCHWARTZ(BARD), there and she brought him to the U.S., where he lived out the rest of his life in the Bronx.

His mother, Pearl GOLDMAN (probably originally GOLDWASER), was, we believe, from Zambrow, Poland. As far as I know, she never left Poland, but she had a brother, Isie, who fled to Mexico City to avoid conscription in the tsar’s army. Then he came to the U.S. via Brownsville, Texas. Another brother (I think Moshe, but don’t have good evidence) went to Buenos Aires. And a sister, Goldie KATZ, took a more normal path to the U.S.

My father’s side also includes journeys from Lithuania (including modern day Latvia and Belarus) to Argentina, Uruguay, and South Africa. The latter also includes modern day Zimbabwe.

I currently have relatives who live in Israel, France, and Cambodia. Willi passed through Canada on his way to New York. Oddly, I don’t know of any relatives in Australia.

I may yet end up the first in my family to live on another planet.

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