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Graze Box #48

I have a lot of things to write about (ranging from theatre-going to puzzle-solving to a new-to-me recipe to storytelling), but I am having a day of many meetings. At the very least, I can post the latest set of snack reviews:

Original Fruity Flapjack: These are soft oat granola bars with dried fruit (dates, raisins, apricots, and currants) and seeds (sunflower and pumpkin). They have 230 calories. They’re quite tasty, with a strong flavor of golden syrup. I like the texture and flavor and appreciate that these are quite filling. Flapjacks are one of the best things about Graze and this is no exception.

Jelly Doughnut: This is a mixture of vanilla cookie drops, raspberry-infused raisins, raspberry fruit strings, and almond slivers. It has 120 calories. This is a delicious sweet snack, with lots of fruit flavor. It tastes surprisingly like a jelly donut.

Snickerdoodle Dip: This is a snickerdoodle cookie dip with cinnamon pretzels to dip into it. It has 150 calories. It has good cinnamon flavor and a nice creamy texture. A good sweet snack.

Twist of Black Pepper Popping Corn: This is 130 calories worth of microwave popcorn with black pepper seasoning. It pops up quickly, with few orphans. The black pepper is a nice addition.

Caramel Apple: This consists of dried apple slices with a caramel dippling sauce. It has 80 calories. This is thoroughly delicious. There is a generous portion of the caramel, which goes perfectly with the soft, chewy apples. I could probably eat a gallon of this caramel sauce, so I am grateful for the built-in portion control. Yum.

Jalapeno Cheese Taco: This is a mixture of cheese-flavored cashews, jalapeno chickpeas, and chili broad beans. It has 140 calories. It is only mildly spicy, but still flavorful, albeit not especially taco-like. Between the taste and the crunch, it is a pretty good savory snack.

Cranberry & Hazelnut Toasts with a Rich Cocoa Dip (new): These are twice-baked toasts with cranberries, roasted hazelnuts, and black quinoa, paired with a cocoa sauce to dip them in. They have 130 calories. I liked the mixture of crunch from the toasts and sweetness from the cocoa dip, but the dip overwhelmed the flavor of the cranberries. It would also be helpful to have a couple more of the toasts, but I just ate the rest of the dip with a finger.

Maple Oat Squares with Superfood Maca (new): These are rolled oat squares with maple syrup and maca, which is apparently an Andean root vegetable. They have 200 calories. This was tasty, but the texture is drier than Graze flapjacks, and I found it less satisfying.

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