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Graze Box #47

Cinnamon Pretzel: This is a combination of poppy seed pretzels and cinnamon honey almonds. It has 120 calories. The pretzels are just pretzels – which are fine, but not exciting. But the cinnamon honey almonds are fabulous. I am grateful for built-in portion control.

Natural Energy Nuts: This is a combination of walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. It has 230 calories and 7 grams of protein. It’s just plain nuts, so you pretty much know whether or not you’d like it. When I buy nuts, they tend to be either smoked almonds or plain cashews, so this is something of a treat.

Fantastic Forest Fruits: This is a mixture of dried blueberries, lingonberries, apple pieces, and cherry-infused raisins. It has 80 calories. It’s a bit sweeter than I’d prefer, though the lingonberries do add some tang. Overall, it’s not bad, but there are other Graze fruit snacks I prefer.

Chocolate Pecan Pie (new): This is a mix of chocolate fudge, pecans, chopped dates, and vanilla pumpkin seeds. It has 200 calories. This is one of the best sweet snacks I’ve had. All of the ingredients are tasty on their own and the combination tastes surprisingly like chocolate pecan pie when you eat them together. Yum.

New York Everything Bagel: This is a mixture of cheese-flavored cashews, pumpkin seeds, and poppy seed onion sesame sticks. It has 200 calories. I really like the sesame sticks, which do taste somewhat like an everything bagel. The other ingredients are fine, but nothing special.

Peach & Rhubarb Pick-Me-Up: This contains rhubarb slices, dried pear slices, and peach fruit drops. It has 110 calories. This is a delicious combination, with the tartness of the rhubarb balancing the sweet fruit flavors. The peach drops are one of my favorite Graze ingredients. An excellent sweet snack.

Wholesome Honey Nuts: This is a mixture of pumpkin seeds, baked salted peanuts, and caramelized honey cashews. It has 200 calories. This is an excellent snack, with a good mixture of sweetness and saltiness. The honey cashews are fabulous and benefit from being tempered by the other ingredients. And, again, I really appreciate Graze’s portion control.

Garden of England: This contains dried apple slices, black currants, and miniature strawberries. It has 80 calories. This is probably my favorite Graze fruit snack, largely because the strawberries are so very delicious. The currants provide a bit of tartness as a balance. A wonderful combination.

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