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52 Ancestors Week 19 – Mother’s Day

The theme for Week 19 (May 7-13) is Mother's Day.


This photo is from 1951 and shows (from left to right) my mother Beatrice NADEL (nee LUBOWSKY), my great-aunt Bernice SCHWARTZ (later FUCHS), my great-aunt Frieda SCHWARTZ, my great-grandmother Molly SCHWARTZ (nee Malka Ryfka MAKOWER), and my grandmother Lillian LUBOWSKY (nee SCHWARTZ). You can see just a little bit of my grandfather at the right. I don’t know if there was any special occasion for the photo. Nobody seems particularly dressed up, so I suspect not.

I think Grandma looks somewhat triumphant. I imagine her thinking something like "I’ve got this handsome husband and attractive daughter. Take that kid sisters!" (She had a son, too, but I think Uncle Herb was probably the photographer.)

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